Riddle me this, Dems

head up assHey Dems, riddle me this.  What would you say about a politician that paid back it’s employer, the federal government, $88,000 due to questionable work related reimbursements and had to fork out $320,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest?  Would you say this politician A) should be hanged for the misdeeds (figuratively speaking, although you would say ‘hell yeah do it for real’ if the person in question would be Sarah Palin, but it’s not), or B) it’s all cool ’cause it was probably just a misunderstanding or something.

If you have to think about this question for more than a second, then you are trying to figure out which political party this person belongs to, which makes your opinion worthless because party affiliation shouldn’t matter.  Having to pay back an employer to the tune of $88,000 because of questionable expenses should be enough to earn this person their walking papers.  Not paying $287,000 in taxes means they are an idiot and shouldn’t be in office anyway (the additional $33,000 that brings the total up to $320,000 goes to penalties and interest).   So if you are still contemplating your answer, either pull your head out of your partisan you-know-what and join the rest of us in reality or just admit you are a fool and go somewhere where there are many others like you.  I recommend New York, since Oakland isn’t exactly accepting of your kind anymore

The whole riddle part had nothing to do with who the politician is, but what your response would be.  Feel free to put in the comments part of this posting whether you answered right away without having to contemplate which side of the isle the politician sits on or if you live life like the guy in the picture.

Oh yeah, the politician in question is Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.  And she is a Democrat, if you must know. the $88,000 in questionable reimbursements came from McCaskill using her and her husband’s private plane for ‘official and political travel.’  The tax thing? Just seems to be a common theme amongst some politicians.



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  • V. Wright says:

    Excellent thoughts, I wish I had penned them. But you’re asking Leftists to think and be rational and reasonable. They literally cannot do it. They haven’t the mental capacity. I agree with Michael Savage; “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” ^..^

    Mind if I link back to you? I always like to pass around the common sense and patriotism.


  • jerome says:

    Link away, man! Got your site listed here. Keep up the good work!




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