Don’t forget about ACORN

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Been a while since I’ve brought up ACORN.  So here is a little bit of news on the supposedly non-profit organization that has been doing all it can to influence elections for many years now.

The American Spector: Community Organized Crime by Matthew Vadum

Here is a little reminder of what ACORN was up to during the last Presidential election (from article):

In Nevada ACORN has been accused of offering a bonus program called “Blackjack” or “21+” that paid a $5 bonus to each canvasser who brought in 21 or more completed voter registration forms each shift. Such schemes are banned in Nevada because they give canvassers an incentive to file fraudulent forms.

ACORN is also under investigation in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The Democratic local prosecutor there is probing ACORN after a man registered to vote multiple times by the group was indicted by a grand jury for fraudulent voting.

Good thing ACORN isn’t a church group or anything.  If they were, the current administration and the MSM would be all over this!!!!!!


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